Order & Returns

Please give us a call through our Customer Service Online if you desire to cancel your order. Because we strive to handle orders as quickly as possible, it is not always possible to prevent an order from being shipped. If your order has already been shipped, you can return the items to us using our Returns Policy.

Please keep in mind that once we have shipped your things, you will not be able to cancel any contracts you may have with us for extra services (e.g. gift wrapping, packaging and shipping). We will reimburse the applicable portion of the purchase price for an item as soon as we get notice of your cancellation.

Please tell Customer Service as soon as possible if you have received an erroneous item, and they will arrange pickup. If you request that the erroneous item be replaced with the item you ordered, we will do it quickly.

If the recipient does not wish to accept an anonymous present, the gift will be returned to us. Your wish to ship the order anonymously will be honoured. Please note, however, that this offer is only available from the time the order is submitted until 3 hours following delivery. If the receiver contacts us to confirm the sender data after the specified time range, the information will be disclosed for security reasons.

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